Hors D’oeuvres

Cold options


Crackers with smoked oysters, herring or smoked whitefish…$4.99 per person


Shrimp cocktail, Acapulco style or regular…market price


Oyster shooters…market price


Mozzarella pinwheels caprese style …$3.99 per person


Deviled eggs (choose your style and flavor)….$0.99 per person


Focaccia mini deli sandwiches, choose from roast beef, ham, turkey, chicken salad, egg salad, or
seafood salad…$3.49 per person


Meat and veggie pinwheels…$1.99 per person


Choose a combo below…$1.99 per person

  ~Potato chips and dip-

  ~tortilla chips and salsa-

  ~pretzels and house made mustard-


Hot Options


Artichoke and crab dip served with pita chips…$3.89 per person


Stuffed mushroom caps, choose from the following;

   ~Italian sausage or seafood…$3.89 per person


Seafood or Italian sausage stuffed pastries…$2.49 per person


Meatballs, choose from the following;

 ~BBQ, Swedish, Italian, Jamaican jerk, or sweet and sour…$2.99 per person


Wings, choose from the following;

 ~BBQ, Buffalo, smoked butter baste, Southern, Jamaican jerk, honey mustard or    Polynesian …$2.99
per person


Cocktail franks…$2.29 per person


Egg rolls…$1.99 per person


Bacon wrapped water chestnuts…$3.99


Fried raviolis…$2.99 per person


Clams casino…$2.99 per person


Coconut shrimp or chicken bites…$3.49 per person


Scallop ranmaki…$5.99 per person


Crab Rangoon…$3.99 per person


Crab Cakes…$3.99 per person


Chicken or shrimp satays, served with Thai spicy peanut sauce or mango habenero sauce…$2.99 per person


Mini’s, choose from pulled pork, crispy chicken or burgers…$4.99 per person



Display Platters


Fruit kabob platter…market price


Meat, cheese and crackers…$2.99 per person


Fresh fruit display platter (fruit subject to season)…market price


Fresh veggie platter and dip…$1.99 per person


House smoked salmon or whitefish plate with crackers…market price


Chocolate and fruit lovers delight, choose from the following…

     ~chocolate dipped strawberries

     ~chocolate dipped cherries

     ~chocolate dipped pineapple…market price





Theme Hors D’oeuvres



Taste of the Ocean

Shrimp cocktail, oyster shooters, crab claws, clams casino and crab Rangoon…market price


South of the Border

Tamales, mini burritos, mango/habenero shrimp or chicken satays and chips with salsa…$9.29 per


Taste of the Islands


Jerk style wings and meatballs, coconut shrimp or chicken and spicy peanut sauced chicken or shrimp satays…$8.99 per person


Sample of the Orient


Egg rolls, crab Rangoon, chicken or shrimp satays with spicy peanut sauce and fortune cookies…
$8.99 per person


Taste of Italy


Mozzarella pinwheels caprese style, artichoke and crab dip, Italian meatballs, Italian stuffed
mushrooms and fried raviolis…$8.99 per person


Texas BBQ


Smoked BBQ wings, BBQ meatballs, potato chips and dip, pulled pork minis and smoked BBQ riblets…
$8.99 per person


All American Picnic


Potato chips and dip, mini brats, deviled eggs, cocktail franks, southern wings and sloppy joe minis…
$8.99 per person




Buffet And Family Style


Main Course Selections

            1. Selection…$15.45   2 Selections…$16.45   3 Selections…$17.45


Chicken-smoked butter baste, smoked BBQ, broasted or baked


Glazed ham


Chicken breast-baked, marsala style or BBQ


Country style pork ribs-smoked BBQ or Saur Kraut baked


Pork loin maple apricot glazed or marsala style


House smoked pulled pork


Smoked pork roast sliced with gravy


Sliced turkey-maple sage glazed or brown butter sage sauced


Meatballs-BBQ, Swedish, Italian, Jamaican jerk or Polynesian


Beef tips-mushroom gravy smothered or stroganoff style


Smoked sliced beef or roast slice beef in gravy


Meat loaf-home style, stuffed with mushrooms and wild rice or Italian style with asiago cheese


Pasta with alfredo or marinara sauce


Tortellini with alfredo or marinara sauce


Pizza buffet (ask for selections)


Homemade meat or vegetarian lasagna





Choose three items below as your meal side dishes



Plain mashed potatoes and gravy

Flavored mashed potatoes (ask for options)

Bourbon mashed sweet potatoes

Parsley baby red potatoes

Baked potato

Warm German potato salad

Au gratin potatoes

Rice pilaf

Fried rice

Rice or barley risotto

Homemade mac n cheese

Homemade stuffing


Vegetable Blend


Green beans almandine

Glazed baby carrots

Butter corn and pimento

Creamed peas and pearl onion

Candied roast vegetables

California blend

Broccoli and or cauliflower with cheese sauce

Baked beans, regular or “drunken” style




House tossed salad

Ceasar salad

Cole slaw

Potato salad

Pasta salad-creamy or vinaigrette

Wilted bacon spinach salad

Oriental cole slaw

Three bean salad

Cranberry compote


All meals served with dinner rolls or bread sticks and butter. Coffee and milk included all
other beverages extra.




Soda $1.00


Wine and Champagne starting at $12.00 per bottle


¼ Barrel Beer starting at $99.00


½ Barrel Beer starting at $189.00


Rail drinks…$3.25


Well drinks…$4.00


Top shelf……Tbd